TESOL Teaching Portfolio

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TESOL Certificate

In a matter of 5 months, I have been able to receive a TESOL Certificate from the Arizona State University. I went through a long process of 150 hours worth of classes, assignments and making teaching videos in order to receive this certification. From theory, to individual parts of English which include reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation, the TESOL learning experience has enabled me to develop as a more capable English teacher. I am now more mindful, set better objectives and lesson plans, and I am more aware of using technology in my classes. This curriculum is available on an online learning platform called Coursera and I highly recommend it!

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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching English is like presenting cake. My objective is to provide the most delicious cake and present the cake in the most appealing way. When applied to English, I would like to provide the optimal English material and teach in a way that can be beneficial enough to change my students’ lives. Motivation and inspiration are very important to me when it comes to various aspects of my life. Hence, I would like to motivate and inspire students in order for them to unleash their potential. My belief is that every language learner has the potential in constantly honing and improving their craft in a way that they can be not only fluent, but more knowledgeable, confident, and effective in their communication. Setting standards are also crucial: I would like my students to set higher achievable standards for themselves, while applying what they learned in other areas of their lives as well. Seeking to teach with passion, I aim to give students confidence that was perhaps lost. In other words I would like them to overcome their past fears and remind them that they can always get better, for there is always room for improvement.
Further, I would like to help them get into their schools of choice, enter their dream job, and become a better presenter, conversationalist and leader. They should be able to love and appreciate language and become more exposed to other content in English; be it videos, books and podcasts. My desires also include assisting my students in taking the extra steps in broadening their scope and doing what they truly desire. my students.

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