I’ve been writing to be an author since I was in 10th grade while going to high school in Singapore. My first book, which is a motivational book for teenagers, was a way for me to give back to the coaching community that I was part of. I wanted to show founder of the coaching company I worked at, the coaches and the participants that went to the camp. Eventually, during my final year at University, I had an urge to write about my faith, and all the ups and downs that was part of the journey. I wanted to provide hope to those with mental illnesses that they can overcome whatever disorder they had. More than aiming to sell a lot, books have provided me a chance to really go deep into the topic I was writing about, and this brought about a special kind of joy. After starting my Masters in Divinity at Torch Trinity, I was able to write my third book, which was about how to become a more devoted and driven Christian. This book’s main purpose is to be a resource for Christian coaching.

Coping and Thriving with Bipolar Disorder (Faith Edition)

Through the advice offered in this book, I want you to not only cope but thrive with bipolar disorder, just as the title of this book indicates. I don’t want you to be satisfied with just getting by and reaching a normalized state. I want you to go further and really be able to unleash your full potential. There are plenty of bipolar celebrities, politicians and professionals that have done the same, some even accounting bipolar disorder for their success! I want to show you ways in which you can maximize your growth and live a life that is worthy and fulfilling. I would like you, from this day onwards, to keep moving forward despite the drawbacks and the relapses you face. Even though let’s say you do face a potential drawback, simply begin again, strategize once more, and keep taking persistent action, while being patient of course. I’m no multi-millionaire or award-winning coach, but I do know that many of my methods can be quite effective. They have not only worked for me, but many of my clients as well. So, are you willing to go on a journey, to reach a stabilized state and squeeze all that life has to offer?

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How to be a Driven Christian

What does it mean to be a driven Christian? Well the answer can vary, but my personal response would be “one who wholistically tries to engage in his or her faith to bring glory to God”. I believe that driven Christians should not lean too much on one system, way-of-thinking or principle. Rather, I believe driven Christians should be well-rounded, for that will make them more prepared to face this dark world and follow God’s plans set out for them. Through the past two years, I have been able to amass a wealth of knowledge and wisdom based on this intriguing topic from pastors like Rick Warren and Gregory Brown to secular authors like Stephen Covey and James Clear. I believe driven Christians do the following:

  1. Driven Christians know God
  2. Driven Christians know Christ
  3. Driven Christians have thorough knowledge on Scripture
  4. Driven Christian know how to pray the right way
  5. Driven Christians live by purpose
  6. Driven Christians have godly characteristics
  7. Driven Christians are determined to serve
  8. Driven Christians participate actively in their church
  9. Driven Christians know how to overcome trials in a godly way
  10. Driven Christians know how to battle sin and resist temptation
  11. Driven Christians spread the Word of God
  12. Driven Christians lead biblically
  13. Driven Christians redeem their time
  14. Driven Christians use self-development for the glory of God

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Faith of a Bipolar Christian

For the past 6 years, composing rap lyrics was my means of prayer, letter writing (to family and friends) and journaling. Writing songs was transformative and therapeutic for both my mental and spiritual health. Faith of a Bipolar Christian brings alive the following messages which includes the titles of my songs:

We should do our best to make the right “Decisions” and work to stay on the “Righteous Lane”. We should keep our full focus “On God”, and make sure we remain intimate with Him instead of having “Distance.” We should take “Step by Step” like our fathers and show unconditional love for our “Dear Mama(s)”. We should focus on our grand prize in “Heaven” and “Hold On” to our faith and relationship with God and Jesus. “No matter the tides”, no matter how “Trapped” and “Lost” we feel, we should not fall to “Mr. Black” and rather keep our eyes set upon our God-given “Dreams”. Through all of this, our faith can be strengthened and we can become “mature and complete, not lacking anything” (James 1:4).

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The Swinging Log: Overcoming Hardship and Moving Forward

Looking for a game-changing self-development book for teenagers? This could be your next best bet! The Swinging Log was written during the span of when the author was 16-17 years old. With problematic behaviors and grades, JJ (Dawit) Baek went to a motivational camp as a last resort. He was pushed physically, mentally and emotionally. That is where he came across the Swinging Log activity.

The log represented our life and the objective was to get across to the other side of the log where a participant’s goal would be. Along the way, a coach would start kicking the log repeatedly, each kick representing a hardship. After resisting multiple times and consistently moving forward, a participant would reach his or her goal. The following year, JJ (Dawit) had to face many challenges that truly tested his character and whether he could resist the kicks on the logs. He overcame hardships and kept moving forward by making action plans, taking massive action and achieving his goals. He recorded all of such experiences and knowledge that he acquired to share with other teenagers searching for direction and help in regards to maximizing their potential.

To this day, JJ (Dawit) seeks to help others find purpose, define goals and focus on growth as a life coach

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